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We need your help!  

With the struggles of today’s two-income families and the growing responsibilities of parenthood, people simply don’t have the time for volunteering any more.  A common misconception is that our firefighters are paid for what they do – or that we have plenty of members to do the job.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  The members of our department are just like you – your neighbors and members of the community.  They sacrifice their time to be there when others need help.  We welcome you to join our family and give back to your community in the rewarding position of firefighter or emergency medical provider.  

We provide the training . . . you provide the dedication.

The following items are just a few points for you to consider before you decide to become a member of this Fire Department.

Interested in becoming a member??

CLICK HERE to download a membership application. Simply complete and mail to: Vice President Rich DeVries, Town Line Fire Department, 6507 Broadway, Lancaster, NY 14086 or stop by any time!

Don’t live in Lancaster or Alden? NO PROBLEM!

We are proud to offer an Out-of-District program that allows members not living within the district to become a member. All we ask is that you give us a minimum of 8 hours per week - 40 hours per month (plus additional training time).  We’ll do the rest!!